Social Media.. Are You On The Dark Side?

In recent years social media has taken the world by storm, having been developed from the advancements within the internet, it is now utilised by billions of people worldwide. As much for professional and business use as it is for personal reasons (Hanna et al,2011).

The platforms available to people are growing year by year. But the most popular ones seem to be Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Statistics taken from Smith (2016), created on

Despite social media being an amazingly beneficial and powerful tool, it also has its dark sides!

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Being part of the Digital Student Ambassador group at university, has allowed me to utilise the online social platforms (for other things than just sharing cute cat videos!).

It is the baby of one of my lecturers and has been developed by a group of students and I. Our goal from this group is to bring the importance of the online and digital world to the forefront. So far we have attended conferences in Manchester, brought in industry  professionals for our digital talk series and put on various work shops based on teaching businesses owners, students and lecturers!!

It has been a great experience both learning myself and educating others! It’s a shame that it was started so late into our university experience! I hope the students that take over have as much fun as we did!!



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Exhibitions, Exhibitions and Exhibitions….

My father owning a business within the gaming industry, and me having worked there for the past five years, gaming, is an industry close to my heart. An industry that is ever-changing, dynamic and so so amazingly different! Every year there is an industry event held in London, called ICE, and this year I was lucky enough to go (After years of organising other people’s trips to it, I FINALLY had a chance to go!).

Despite being excited to experience ICE 2016, I never saw events like these as a potential career choice for me. This springs from my work experience, I worked on PLASMA 2010, but, as a young event enthusiast, but unfortunately, I just saw exhibitions as very cold events, with no personality and no fun!

Well.. What can I say! ICE 2016 TOTALLY changed my opinion on this side of events, it was everything that I ever thought exhibitions weren’t!

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Before I ever applied, and during my first two years at university, the word dissertation terrified me (and still does). This pushed me towards an alternative final year project, the Consultancy Project. This is a project which allows students from the university to have real industry clients, and to aid them through their very real issues.

The consultancy industry is said to be ever growing and ever changing. The UK consultancy industry itself is currently worth around £9 billion and employs over 80,000 consultants (Management Consultancies Association, 2014). This industry is formed of people who are contracted by businesses to help improve the furthering of value, performance, provide external knowledge, skill set and experience to their client (Management Consultancies Association, 2016) Hence why they have been said to be the doctors of the business industry (Wickham and Wilcock 2012)!

Looking into this industry, I knew that it was the choice for me. My team was created of two marketing students and three events management students (Including me.. obviously..). Our client was a festival which took place every two years, called Frequency Festival. Frequency is a festival revolving around the digital arts, culture and community. It is comprised of interactive installations, trails, performances, talks, workshops and symposia’s (Frequency, 2016).

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My First Ever Event… Ever

In 2012 the most fabulous Italian lady turned 50.. My mother of course!

At this point, I knew that events were my passion, and I was researching where to go to university to study it. Therefore I could only see one option, and that was to organise a huge party for her.

It started off as in idea she hated, not wanting to celebrate the fact she was having a big birthday. But the more that I played with the idea of theme colour, researched caterers and had the idea of having it in her beloved garden, she soon came around to the idea!

As this was my first big event (other than small parties for family and friends.. obviously) I was terrified of everything going wrong, but it was such an amazing night (If I do say so myself).

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